Norwin area boxing and kickboxing at Pittsburgh Martial Arts & Boxing Academy in North Huntingdon, PA

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Boxing, Kickboxing & Self-Defense!

Pittsburgh Martial Arts & Boxing Academy has been training people in Pittsburgh's east suburbs for 40 years! Coach Bob Barnum has trained people for over 20 years and in that time has worked with everyone from stay-at-home mom's to Champion boxers and kickboxers. We offer programs for everyone including Olympic-style boxing, a mixed kickboxing program and a  street-realistic self-defense program. You can train in our small group classes or one-on-one with a coach and you are welcome whether you want to compete or just train for fun and fitness with no contact. Choose your interest below and let's get started on your goals today!



Boxing and Kickboxing in North Huntington, Pennsyvania


Muay Thai Kickboxing in Pittsburgh, PA




Karate in Pittsburgh Martial Arts and Boxing


Pittsburgh personal training for boxing and kickboxing



Pittsburgh fitness bootcamp training in martial arts and boxing


We don't pretend this gym is for everyone but you'll quickly see some things that set us apart from the crowd, here's a few:

No contracts required. Our quality training keeps people coming back, not legal agreements.

No hard sales tactics, no hidden fees, no gimmicks or other BS. Our prices are clearly listed so you know what you're getting into up front. You don't have to give your information so we can market to you (annoy you) if you don't sign up right away and we don't trick you with low start-up pricing and free giveaways just to get you in the door. Those tactics, while the industry norm, strike us as... not nice.

Tried and true. New gyms pop up all the time. The truth is most of them go out of business pretty quickly. Pittsburgh Martial Arts & Boxing Academy has been around for 40 years and is one of the oldest still-running gyms in Pittsburgh.

Friendly environment. Everyone who trains here becomes friends. Our close-knit, welcoming and supportive environment makes training here a little easier and a LOT more fun! 

Opportunity to compete. Sparring and eventually competition is available to those who choose that path. You will be Coached by former fighters who have been there and done that. We also understand that path isn't for everyone and contact is not required for people who just want to train for fun or fitness.

Convenient location. Our gym is located right on the border of North Huntingdon and North Versailles. The address is 1969 Lincoln Highway (RT 30) Suite #2 North Versailles, PA 15137. It's behind Leader Auto, across from Full Pint Brewery.

Small classes. Coach Bob ONLY teaches in small groups or one-on-one sessions. This ensures quality training and prevents people from getting lost in the crowd.

Pittsburgh Martial Arts & Boxing Academy has changed the lives of thousands of people through boxing, kickboxing and self-defense training. We'd like you to be next! Choose your interest above or contact us today to get started on this journey.


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